Science is not hard

As a scientist I was always troubled when someone said science was hard.  Obviously they did not mean physically.  As a molecular endocrinologist I rarely lifted anything over a pound, I was inside all day in a building that was pretty well maintained at 72 F and did a lot of my work sitting down. So I guess they mean the subject.  But what they really mean, I think, is that they are overwhelmed about all that is known.  What they do not realize is that we learn a lot about a very narrow area and have a very shallow understanding of related areas and an informed lay knowledge of other areas.  Certainly there are many areas of science about which I know very little or nothing at all.  In that category I certainly would put earth science.  I never could memorize all the types of rocks or keep the geological periods straight.  You know what?  I do not care.  If I need to know something I can look it up!  Yes all of science is vast but to be a scientist you are only focusing on a small sliver of a huge pie – that is not hard.  I forget where I heard this (I think it was Rick Sammon) but he told the story of a child who came home from school saying he had an overwhelming task of learning all the birds.  His father told him the way to do this is one bird at a time.  So in science you have to break the whole into manageable pieces and learn that piece.