Take more pictures

One of the things I have learned is to take all the pictures I wish.  I have never regretted taking a picture, I only regret not taking pictures.  The key is only showing the pictures you are happy with.  I came to this mind set when I read how many pictures National Geographic photographers take on assignment.  I was astounded.  This was in the film days.  I would never take that many pictures but realized it was foolish to not take enough pictures to ensure I got the best shot I could.  My basic strategy is to take a picture to make sure I got something then work on getting a better one. The trying to get a better one than the second and so on until I decide to move on or the scene is lost.  Especially with wildlife sometimes the first picture is the only one you will get.  So often the bird with just take off if you try to get a better position.  But at least you have the memory.