Leonard Cohen

Among the news was the report that Leonard Cohen had died.  I remember when I first heard his music and how it moved me.  It was in 1968 and I had gone with my roommate to his host family for dinner.  Playing on the stereo was the song “Susanne”, but not the popular Judy Collins version. The host explained that it was by the writer of the song, Leonard Cohen.  Those were such different times.  No internet (or personal computers) so the only place you would hear music was on the radio.  AM was very limited in what they would play.  FM was just gaining ground.  FM receivers were not all that common – most people did not have a FM receiver of any kind.  Underground radio was in its early stages and that is where you would hear a wide range of material.  In fact I can remember stations just playing an entire album from beginning to end.  Although money was tight I went out and bought Leonard Cohen’s “Songs from a Lonely Room”.  It still resonates with me.  Over the years I have been moved by his music – even “Hallelujah” in spite of its popularity with every singer on “American Idol”.  It is something when a singer is relevant for 50 years. RIP