Lightroom module love

I have been using Adobe LIghtroom since Adobe released the beta version.  Over the years it has become essential to the way I (and many others) work.  Tutorials abound about using it to edit pictures and I certainly utilize this feature.  But I find a couple of features very valuable to me that are often looked upon with disdain.  The first of these is facial recognition.  Yes it is not perfect.  But I have learned that I must label the people in pictures.  Not only does this avoid the all too common problem of remembering who the people were but it also facilitates finding all the pictures with a particular individual.  When the feature was added I was able to go over thousands of pictures and rapidly add the names of the people in the picture.  The second feature often overlooked is the mapping function.  I enjoy gps tagging my pictures since I can then tell exactly where the picture was taken.  Again it is not a problem remembering exactly where a picture was taken when the trip was recent but over time it is not as easy to remember.  Also one can go to the map and click to get all the pictures taken at a particular location.  Another module which gets no love is the slide show.  For a really quick and dirty presentation of pictures it is really nice and the ability to add the music – neat.  A friend was going to celebrate their adult son’s birthday and had gone back and selected pictures over their son’s life.  I turned these into a self-running slide show with music in a short time.  The final module which receives no love is the web module.  I shoot events for my department and quickly turn them into web presentation which I can post on our departmental web site.  Again I can turn this out in quite a short time and everyone loves it.