Why are so many people science phobic?

When traveling people always asked what you did.  I always got weird looks when I told people I was a scientist (never mind what happened if I gave a more specific explanation of my area).  I often tried to explain why science was everywhere and just so darn interesting.  I tried to point out that just pondering why we wear the clothes we wear involves science.  Seeing how my kids and grandkids were introduced to science I think the problem is science is often presented as a series of facts that must be memorized.  That just turns them off – as it did me.  Why not have then look at simple question then explore the answer and getting to the point where the experts say we just do not know.  How do all the tissues of the body develop from a single cell.  Why do the appendages end up where they do.  Why are we so different from other primates (at least in appearance) but so similar in our DNA and even why are we so different from other people when our DNA is so similar.  So many interesting questions to ponder.