On your own vs. organized tour

I have traveled with organized tours and without.  Of course there are some places that you just cannot go without an organized tour (Antarctica being one).  But how about when you have a choice?  On your own you can go where you want and spend as much time there as you desire.  The problem of the organized tour is that you are on their schedule.  But they have already made the decisions on the itinerary so you are not wasting time deciding where to go.  You also are not having to drive if that is how you are getting around.  You have the time to interact with the people if that is your thing but when you do not speak the language and especially when it is not latin based it is nice to have someone there to interpret for you.  Yes it is possible to use translation apps to get something across but when you do not understand their alphabet how are you going to type in what they say.  There is a certain joy in researching a place, choosing the places to stay, the sites to visit but it is also really nice when you are busy with a career to have someone else take the time to do these things for you.  How much is your time worth?  One of my fears on a tour is being with people I just do not enjoy.  Yes I have met many whose company I found delightful.  I have also been on tours where there are people who just rub me the wrong way.  Now in a large tour group it is pretty easy to avoid them but in a small tour group it is quite a bit harder.