New Zealand vacation

In January we went to New Zealand.  Why New Zealand?  One big reason is it was winter in Chicago (day we left the high was 20 F) and summer in New Zealand (day we arrived upper 60s).  A second reason was I had never been before.

First off New Zealand is a LONG WAY.  We took off from Chicago at 5 pm for Los Angeles, about a 4.5 hour flight.  Our flight then left Los Angeles at 11:10 pm (1:10 am in Chicago) for Auckland and arrived at 9:30 am Auckland time losing a day.  This corresponded to 12:30 pm in Los Angeles.  How does one cope with the long flight?  No great words of wisdom – I try to sleep, usually with mixed success.

New Zealand is 19 hours ahead of Chicago.  How was I going to handle a 19 h change?  Well I thought of it as a loss of 5 h.  This I could handle.

I do not know when they changed this but it turns out one way tickets were about half the price of round trip tickets.  This was important because we were going to start our return journey from Queenstown.  We also wanted to stop several days in Los Angeles on the return.  It made it a lot easier to book one way tickets.