Miscellaneous final items about New Zealand


I admit I am a candy lover.  I recommend you get a bag of Pascall Airplanes.  They are really good.  I tried a number of other varieties from the company and did like the gummy worms.  But the airplanes are the best.

Weight limit Queenstown to Auckland

It was clearly posted that there was a 7 kg limit for carry-ons for the plane and they even came on the speakers and made the announcement.  I know my camera equipment was more than that and it made me very nervous.  I took out one of my lenses and put it in my jacket pocket and put the camera and another lens around my neck.  Turns out they did not weight anyones luggage as far as I could tell but there was a scale at the boarding desk.


One of the things that surprised me is that screens were not on the windows or doors at any of the places we stayed.  From the nature of the places it seemed that this could be generalized to say that the norm is no screens.  They do have flies and I am sure they have mosquitoes.  I know in my house I would not open the windows and remove the screens.  When we have had the screens off in earlier homes surprising things have made their way inside.  Not my favorite thing.


A pleasant surprise was the quality of the public restrooms.  When one is out for the day it is not unusual to have a need for a restroom.  In America this usually means finding a gas station or fast food restaurant and using their facilities.  Now these exist in New Zealand but they also have very nice public restrooms.  They also have signs indicating the presence of restrooms off the major roads.


I have been a coffee drinker since high school.  I enjoy a cup of coffee after a meal.  I find a cup of coffee relaxing and it certainly does not interfere with my sleep.  Turns out New Zealand has what they call a long black.  It is two shots of expresso with some hot water to make a cup.  A flat white has an additional bit of milk.  This is made to order so it takes a bit – not like a premade pot of coffee here in America.  This can be found pretty much anyplace.  We were at several Sunday farmers markets and a number of booths were set up with their expresso makers.

Credit cards

They use credit cards (with the chip) EVERYWHERE and for EVERYTHING.  I am still used to paying for small purchases with cash.  In New Zealand people pay for a cup of coffee with their credit card.  In fact I saw cash being used only rarely.  As always when you travel out of your usual area make sure you let your credit card company know – the last thing you want is to have you card blocked when you are out of the country.