Picton is a small city (population 4,487).  In a few minutes you can visit all the stores and restaurants.  But it is a good jumping off point for the South Island.

We went on a 4 hour eco wildlife tour which was very enjoyable.  The first 2 hours were cruising up the sound leading into Picton viewing fur seals and various species of birds including several species of shags.  We then stopped on the island of Matuara which has been turned into a bird sanctuary.  They got rid of all the mammals and reintroduced various bird species.  Saw a number of species along a walk to the top of the island – an incline for the entire 30 minutes required to reach the top.  Very nice views once you got to the top.

We also went to several wineries in the Marlborough area for wine tasting.  What is interesting is that they do not use corks on the wines in New Zealand – they have screw cap bottles.  There are numerous reasons for this but as I understand it for wines meant to be consumed young there is no need to have the wine breath as it ages.  They are also able to avoid the loss due to bad corks.  And as a consumer I cannot begin to tell the number of times I have messed up getting the cork out of a bottle.

Another side trip we made was to the town of Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park.  The national park is about 1 hour from Nelson.  At the National Park you can see how large the tides are in this area.  Boats are no longer afloat and they use tractors to bring kayakers and others back to land.  On the way back we were on Queen Charlotte Drive.  This is a very twisty road.  We had done it during the day but driving back this time we did it at night, in the dark.  Of course there are no lights.  So you are looking for the edge of the cliff – kind of white knuckle by the end.

Our final little excursion was to take a water taxi to the Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary for a 2 h walk.  Heard many birds calling but did not see much.  Taking a water taxi was neat in that you arrange for a time for your return and there is you taxi.  I do not know what they do if you do not show up and how you would contact them but it worked out for us.