First Uber ride

I am probably one of the few people who had yet to use Uber.  I had my reasons.  I really dislike leaving my credit cards on file anywhere. I know they encrypt data and employ firewalls but still…if my credit card number is not there it will not be taken if the system is hacked.  I feel for the cab driver.  Often this is the first step for immigrants and it gives them an income.  Finally I just do not take a cab all that often.  I love to drive and in the city I live in I drive myself.  I do take a cab to the airport but from the suburb I live in this is quite easy and they have a very nice app that allows me to schedule a ride in advance.  For all the times I have done this they arrive at the designated time.

But I finally broke.  I was traveling to a destination a ways from the airport I was going to land in.  I was told that the cab fare was significantly higher than an Uber ride.  Even more problematic was going to be the return trip – what cab company to use?  How to contact them?  What was it going to cost?  I have also had bad cab experiences – fares that seemed much higher than they should be, cab drivers who became mean when they realized you were going to a destination where they would not be able to easily pick up another fare.

I found the experience to be great.  At the airport I picked up my luggage, went into the app and scheduled my journey, found out what it was going to cost and what car would be showing up in minutes.  On the return journey I scheduled in advance and the car was there when I wanted.  I actually like that this is all done with the credit card because a long cab ride for cash could wipe out what I was carrying.

Will I be doing this when I travel?  Most definitely.  No more trying to figure out what cab company to use.  No more trying to communicate with a dispatcher.

In my home city?  Probably not.