Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica - January 26-28, 2018

Driving to Manuel Antonio began with another unpaved rock strewn road.  Obviously this was slow going.  The speed picked up once we hit paved roads again – about 45 minutes after the start.  We stopped for lunch near the Rio Tarcolitos which is known for its crocodiles.  A lot of people, including us, walk along the bridge to view them.

Our hotel, Si Como No, was actually in the city of Quepos about 7 km from the entrance to Manuel Antonio.  The room had an odd layout with two queen beds, one by the patio looking out over the Pacific and one up a step.  Not a problem just odd.  Enjoyed looking out – saw a lot of soaring vultures and as dusk was approaching a group of white face monkeys started moving about.  The temperature in Quepos was about 5 F warmer than the other areas and quite humid.


I had probably heard the most about Manuel Antonio but was ultimately disappointed.  It is very popular and many groups are there at the same time, at least in the morning.  You all go on this 1.5 h walk with frequent stops as wildlife is spotted then to the beach for 30 minutes.  This did not allow for a quiet and reflective nature experience.  Without the people it would have been more to my liking and the beach is quite nice but popular. 


Next week San Jose