On the drive from Napier to Martinborough (about 1 h 13 minutes from Wellington) we stopped at the Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center.  A big part of their effort is conservation and working on preserving the native wildlife.  Like many other places the introduction of mice, rats and other mammals has devastated the native birds.  In a number of large enclosures they had native endangered birds.

In Martinborough we stayed in a house made of straw bales.  At least according to the literature these can last if made correctly (preventing moisture).  Martinborough is an interesting town.  It has a resident population of 1600.  In the town center are a surprising number of very nice restaurants.  This whole area is wine country and a number of vineyards are here.

The drive from Martinborough to Wellington is 81 km over a very twisty mountain road.  Takes a degree of concentration with all the turns on the narrow lanes.  One day we could not go into Wellington because the winds made the driving treacherous winds of over 60 mph.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and sits on the Cook Strait.  The area is known for its strong winds. Our first adventure into Wellington the weather was not great so we went to the Museum of New Zealand rather than the botanical garden.  Although I would rather be seeing the city than a museum this was a fine alternative.  A lot about the history of course.  I can not imagine the first people arriving here over 800 years ago.  It would have require long travels over open ocean.  I mean how long do you travel without seeing anything before turning around and if you do turn around how do you find you way back.

After the museum we went to Mount Victoria Lookout.  This offers very scenic views of the city.

On another excursion to Wellington we traveled along the ocean to Te Kopahu Visitor Center.  At the end of the road you can walk along the beach which made for a nice day.

Another excursion was to Cape Palliser on the South-East coast of the North Island.  This is a scenic drive and not widely taken.  I should mention that the last part of the drive is over gravel roads.  Just have to take it slow. 

At the end there is a lighthouse – it is over 250 steps to the lighthouse.  With the wind and my fear of heights I only made it half way.  On the way back to Martinborough we stopped at Lake Ferry for lunch.  The Lake Ferry Hotel is noted for their fish and chips so we ate there.  A quite nice beach area is there with various birds and fur seals making for a very pleasant and restful time.