Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - January 22-24, 2018

We were taken by boat back to La Pavona then on to Guapiles for lunch at Suerre (same place as we had breakfast on the way in) and finally Arenal (the town at the base of the volcano is La Fortuna).  We stayed at the Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort.  The suite we had was the most grand hotel room I have ever stayed in.  It was larger than many of the apartments I have lived in.


The key thing here is the Arenal Volcano that erupted in 1968 after a long period of dormancy.  It has been dormant again since 2010.  And for this hotel specifically the attraction is the thermal springs.  The thermal springs were a short walk or curtesy car ride from the hotel.  It was amusing to see people walking down the street in their bathrobes.


We chose to do a canopy walk on the 23rd with Sky Adventures which was not part of our tour package.  This turned out to be with a group and we went up and down for 4 hours.  After 3.5 hours I had had it and pretty much would go a short way then have to stop and rest before repeating.  Was somewhat surprised we did not see more wildlife on the walk.  I probably would have been much happier doing a much shorter walk at a slower pace looking for things to photograph.  I also was not that impressed with viewing the canopy.  Not all that much to see except the tops of trees.  I must admit I have acrophobia and did not linger on the walkways but no one else seemed to spot anything.

In the afternoon we did a walk up a trail near the Arenal Volcano.  We had our own guide who was made aware of my morning struggles so he was very conscious of not having me overdo it.  We actually saw more wildlife than on the morning walk so I was much happier.

We did tour the spa area which was very large with numerous pools.  But we are not really pool people so I just put my feet in.  There were just too many other things to see.

Next week Monteverde